Tone in 10


Polly, aged 47

What an amazing way to keep fit.  Being short on time this was the perfect solution for me.  I could exercise and still be back at my desk by 9.15 ready for the day ahead.   I would recommend this to anybody looking to keep fit as well as people just starting out. You really can go at your own pace with no pressure to keep up with others.  Can't praise it enough.

Sue, aged 72

Keeps me supple and flexible and love the fact that you can work at your own pace.  I never feel intimated by the fact I'm with younger people in the class as Su is so welcoming and the atmosphere so friendly. 

Kathryn, Aged 47

A fun 20 minute workout!  Really helped get my body ready for skiing, strengthening not just the legs but arms and core.  I would highly recommend it.


 I have been wobbling with Su now for about 18 months, I have early onset osteoarthritis in both hips and my pelvis and love the way this class helps me feel symptom free (as much as possible). 

The classes are challenging and energetic but also a lot of fun. 

Su is great and flexible and the group of fellow wobblers are diverse and mixed ages, so definitely a class for any fitness or ability.

Anne, aged 63

I retired 2 years ago from a desk job and was keen to improve my fitness.  Tone in 10 proved perfect!  2 sets of 10 minute exercises 3 times a week and my fitness improved dramatically.  Great new friends and great fun!

abi, aged 46

 I really look forward to my classes each week, because not only am I getting a full body workout, strengthening muscle, improving toning and boosting circulation and aiding lymph drainage but it's also really sociable.  I've made friends through the classes and it's great to catch up while we exercise!  Su is great at motivating us when we are feeling less energetic and is able to tailor the classes to suit our aims or to accommodate injuries from other activities. The classes are fun, supportive and suitable for all age groups. If you want to get in shape and have some fun, come and join in!  

emma, aged 54

I have been going to Tone in Ten or “Wobble” as many of us affectionately call it, for just over a year now - and absolutely love it! I go three mornings a week, each session taking only 20 minutes for a full body work out equivalent to over a hour in a gym, so it doesn’t cut into my day at all. 

The workout concentrates on improving core strength working against the oscillations and vibrations of the machine in a series of 2 minute positions or exercises. It particularly suits me as I have arthritis in my knees and this is all low impact. 

I started losing weight with Slimming World a couple of months before I discovered “Wobble” and had already decided that I needed to do some toning exercise alongside my weight loss programme and have to say that Wobble has turned out to be the perfect choice for me.  I’ve become much better toned, developed my core strength and vastly improved the muscles supporting my knees which has, in turn, helped with the effects of my arthritis, and has firmed up my body after losing weight. 

The best bit about Wobble though is the people. Su is so lovely as are all the other wobblers - we have a laugh, a chat and I genuinely look forward to my mornings. It’s a great way to start the day!

graham, aged 73

I first attended a “Wobble” class conducted by Su Hedges in October 2018 and have usually participated in two sessions a week.

The machines used are programmable vibration plates which enable the participant to undergo a varied number of resistance exercises without any detrimental impact on the joints. The whole workout takes approximately 20 minutes.  Su expertly tailors

the various programmes of exercise to nurture, encourage and progress the participants fitness. I have personally found that my balance and overall strength have improved by a considerable and measurable amount. 

Oh, I forgot to mention that I am a male

aged 73 and dislike the boredom gyms offer.