Tone in 10

history & science



In the 1970s, oscillation training was discovered as a training method for top athletes. Some years ago, NASA investigated the effectiveness of oscillation plates. They noted that using these devices could help protect astronauts from weight loss caused by bone and muscle wasting. Top athletes train with oscillation plates to supplement their training plans. Celebrities swear by this technique to preserve their looks and fitness. Oscillation plates are increasingly seen in fitness centres and in private homes.

what it does (science)


The oscillation plate transmits small vibrations to the body, which constitute the training stimuli. These trigger reactions: the body tries to keep its balance on the moving plate. This trains the coordination within each muscle and the interaction of the muscles with each other. The oscillation trainer causes muscle reflexes and muscle contractions. 30–50 contractions per second can be achieved. This targets the innervation of the muscles. Deep layers of muscle all over the body are reached quickly. Different frequencies stimulate different muscle functions. Training with the oscillation plate is much more intense than conventional muscle training.